Wednesday, November 4, 2009

70s fun for everyone

The last box from mum and dad's loft. Imagine my joy at finding my paper dolls, I would say they would be late 70s. I loved them and thought that they were very exotic (don't know why, I think they are French) and took real care of them. As a result they are in very good condition.

What to do with them? I had kept them all these years for my daughter. I now have a car mad son who would probably never be interested in paper dolls....apart from various forms of paper doll folding and tearing. Anyway to cut a long story short, my friend Rebecca loves all things retro, it was her birthday last week, and she makes special collages from retro paper dolls. All this added up to posting them to her. I figured if she couldn't use them in her collages, she could at least get a night of tipsy fun (bottom photo) playing with the wardrobe, as Emma and I did one evening with a bottle of red (and yes I know it's rude to play with someone's present before giving it to them).

I still know I have a farm yard and lots of model horses up in the loft......but I think the doll finds were the most exciting!


reb said...

...And I will treasure them! Thank-you Weezie.

beck said...

Oh who doesn't love a bit of 70's fun??? As a child of the 70's I'm pretty into it. Love the music especially. What joy and excitement you must have felt at finding these groovy treasures..enjoy!! xo