Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eye Spy-Adventures (of the imagination)

Cow looked pretty nervous..... Sheep waved hello to freedom, as the animals flew safely over the meat factories and away to greener pastures. What a great escape plan from the man on the outside, Farmer Joe.

As crafty mums, and crafters in general, I'm sure we all love to collect every cardboard tube, roll or box (egg cartons are my fav). Over the past three months little M's imagination has just taken off (bad pun, which I shouldn't have pointed out!) I love to watch him transform boxes into houses, ferries, cars tunnels, horses.. you name it really! He really does have some fantastic adventures for such a little fella.

With Christmas on it's way, and all the junk mail with it's glossy toy adverts, I find it very hard not to jump on the next bus and high tail it to Target to buy the complete Little People barn yard set, or Dora the Explorer adventure hide out for my little angel!

I have to take a deep breath and remember that these toys are not necessary for adventure, and that kids are very resourceful when it comes to play. I saw a really great documentary on ABC a while ago called Consuming Kids. It made the point that kids don't make things as much as they used to, you can buy everything ready made. I had a doll house (which I absolutely loved) set up on the first three shelves of my closet. Mum and I made it together, it was one of the biggest highlights of my childhood holidays! Would it have been the same if it had come in a big box? I don't know.

I'm not saying that I won't buy my little one anything ready made for Christmas, but will try to keep a healthy balance. For as long as I can!!

Look to Cindy for more experiences.
Happy adventures everyone!


Sally said...

I watched Consuming Kids too - scary stuff really. I've been pointing out to my little fella all the things that the shops put at his eye level to try to make him want it. I've sort of set it up as a game - to win you have to not want it!!! Nothing is perfect but it works well most of the time & I like that he is starting to see how retailers are trying to manipulate him.
Now I'm off on an adventure to find my magic wand so that I can create a couple of extra hours each day so I have time to make things ready for the festive season.

Aussie-waffler said...

Excellent point and a super cute post, love the animal adventures.

One pair of Hands said...

I love your littlies, what cuties. Egg cartons are the most marvellous fun. I remember making some little snow men from the cups by glueing two lots of two together to make body & head and painting them white with kids acrylic. Then there was a farm house and yard made from a cardboard box and bits of newspaper rolled into balls for the rock walls. Craft paste made it firm like papier mache. It lasted forever (well a long time anyway) and was a favourite with toy animals for years. Kids love it as much if Mum made it and it instills creativity in them. Though I imagine you probably need Sally's magic wand too. :)