Thursday, November 12, 2009

Teeny tiny stitches

I hate to harp on, but I do love hand sewing. One of the reasons is that I love to look back at the teeny tiny stitches I have sewn. I don't know how this reflects on my personality, I'm not really a tiny detail kind of person. I love the stitches in knitting too. With this in mind, I realise that I have never really done any thick wool, large needle knitting. It has all been small, and I really get a kick from all of these tiny stitches making up the whole.

On a less philosophical note, I am making two more Archie & Olives for M's little friends. I love Hillary Lang's style of doll. I could go on making them for ever. I have lots of little arms and legs at the moment, all waiting to be stuffed and sealed.

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reb said...

It is a bizarre little Weezie quirk to love meticulous little stitches- but quite a charming one it must be said. I like your "Philosophy of Stitches" too.