Monday, November 23, 2009

upcycle bibs

I don't have my camera at home, it was left at mum and dad's on the weekend. This is not a bad thing, as I have so many old ideas to stick into my virtual scrap book!

I loathe to throw out anything of little M's. It's all so tiny and cute, and yes, gasp, it means he is growing up! So I had a few t-shirts that were either too grubby or small for my little fatty to wear.
I was flipping through A Ervilha Cor de Rosa website (I love her site) when I found somthing she had written on converting t-shirts to bibs! I thought I can do that! And that I did, right away! I am very happy with the results, as I have got much more milage out of the ts! I should have bound the edges in some way, I didn't, and I think it would have given the bibs a more finished, professional look.
I now have lots of hot pink loops hanging in M's closet, an old t-shirt of mine, which has been cut up for other purposes.
Ps I hope daddy doesn't see this post, climbing on the sofa back is verboten....we will get into a lot of trouble!

pps thanks to Kate and Simone for the baking vibes! They worked! Both slices were very nice...especially the Almond, orange and carrot one!

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