Monday, November 9, 2009

Eye Spy-Gadget

Gadgets. Great idea Kellie. At first I admit that I thought that I didn't really use them! Then I thought a little harder and I now have three.

The top one is the coffee machine. Where would I be without my morning coffee? Well, still here, but a very grumpy mummy. We wake at 5.00 am (we live in Queensland and have a 21 monther) so a good cup is neeeded. I had managed to wean myself off coffee using the nescafe instant coffee methadone programme. But when big M brought this wonderful gadget home one morning, it was back to the hard stuff. Oh how I love my morning coffee.

Middle pic, super scissors! I was such a bad cutter outer of patterns until these came into my life. Then it dawned on me, you need a sharp pair of scissors!! I love how these lie flat when you cut. My Tintin in Tibet agenda from 1994 is actually where I keep my recipes.

Bottom pic curvy needle, sticky round needle gripper thing and carpet thread (from mum's stash bought in the 60s). Ok, I don't know if any are classified as gadgets, but I got to love them last night as I repaired the push chair seat with denim....and it looks very spiffy.

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beck said...

Nice gadget collection, I love the scissors that lie flat. Actually I need to go and buy some new scissors today as yesterday I put my favourite pair down somewhere and can't find them. It's driving me crazy! I then realised I need two pairs anyway, like my sunnnies. Lots of sewing on the go for a forthcoming market so I really need those snippers! Thanks for popping by my blog xo

Aussie-waffler said...

The coffee machine, good call, that is definitely right up there with the apple slinky machine in my books.

Michelle said...

Oh my, that coffee machine is gorgeous! Lucky you!

Thanks for visiting!

reb said...

Personally, I covet the Tin-Tin Agenda most of all...

74 Lime Lane said...

I know how you feel ~ once you start looking around there are indispensible items everywhere!