Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Down from the loft

Mum and Dad had insulation put in last week, so that meant all of the boxes stored up there had to come down. I had about three boxes, one of which had toys from my childhood. Here was my fav early 80s dolls house. It was all there, the little plates, shoes, radio, lamp, and of course bean bag. I remember buying it and the wait to get it home and put it together seemed unbearable. I'm keeping it at mum and dad's so that Marcus and Amelia (adopted grandchild) can get as much joy with it as I did. Deep down I wish I could still play with it, well, I still will!


reb said...

Ahh yes- I know the feeling! Mum found a bag with my Sindy doll(stupid spelling but that's how they spelt it)in it recently with all her clothes ets and sent it too me. She know has pride of place freaking Ben out in the lounge room. I loved that doll.

reb said...

apologies for all the typos in that last comment- I'm tired, sorry!