Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eye spy-bed

Hello, this eye spy sounds like fun!
For everyone else (ie Reb and Em) see bug and pop's website (with extra guinea pig shots!)

Here is our son's future bed/guest bed. We were given it, and judging by the orginal fabric cover, it is from the 70s (see groovy mattress bottom, bottom photo) ...... then it was given a taste of the 80s with some pale green material. Now, it's covered in 00s. Considering it was free (thanks Sarah), it took a lot of effort to get (convincing husband, co-ordinating moveing to mum and dad's for storeage, convincing mum to hold it, co-ordinating moving here, convincing dad to lend me his super duper staple gun) the choosing of the fabric and actual doing took little effort and no time at all! It was all worth it though!

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