Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eye Spy-Cuddly

Am I allowed two pics? We have lots of cuddly things in our house. I am not built for speed, am built for cuddles! Yes the little bub is cuddly, but I am actually featuring the wonderful, snugly felt baby blanket made by my dear friend Rebecca. The design reminds of me of the ocean and the sky. The top is Marcus wrapped in the sky, the second is the little red lobster swimming in the ocean. Reb, we had it out again this winter, very loved and very worn around the feet! He tucks his toes in and rubs....has done it since he was this size!

To get some more cuddles head on over to bug and pop......join in!


Sally said...

That does look like a very cuddly blanket & the colours are amazing. Bub of course looks cuddly too... but don't they all? Mmmm - don't most? ;)

reb said...

Awwwwww... so glad it's still in service! Wish you were able to be here on Saturday so I could give you (and the little 'un) a big hug,
Love ya,

Bek said...

That baby and blanket make a very nice cuddly combo!

74 Lime Lane said...

they both look very lovely, cosy and cuddly! a great spot to be (love the lobster in the ocean!)

Jade said...

Oh that does look super cuddly! And so is the blanket :p