Monday, October 19, 2009

Time to get stuffed

Little Bruno Brun (Archie from weewonderfuls) is coming along very well. Cut out, limbs and hair hand sewn (I think it's the knitter in me, don't like sitting in front of the machine, and something about machines make the moment all too instant)....the bottom was a bugger (rude pun, ooppps!) to sew up and was half hand machine sewn! Now to be stuffed and embroidered.


reb said...

Looking very handsome there Weezie, I particularly like the hair...very stylish!(By the way to save pictures from the internet you can hold your mouse over them then right click, then select save. It doesn't always work and of course you have to acknowledge the source-but it is very handy.)

Weezie's Woolies said...

We have a mac, I sooooo miss the right click!