Thursday, October 22, 2009

He is finished!

.....and after this quick photo shoot, he was put away for Christmas. Two more to go! I have the fabric so can start asap. Still have to do the boring curtains though. The dolls remind me of Charlie and Lola with the wonderful patterns! I would like to do a C & L one, would have to work on the faces though, to make them more C & L like.

Check out these cute designs being sold by Rosa Pomar. I particularly like the cup with the house and the shingles!


reb said...

Adorable! Good job Weezie.

sue said...

Oh he is so cute and yes a Charlie and a Lola one would be nice. I used to draw those 2 characters for my daughter all the time, even on t-shirts with the fabric markers and they turned out quite well too.