Monday, September 10, 2007

Don't call it a come back! I bin here for years!

Hello all
I've actually just made quite a nice t*********** can't say what, its for Simone's belated birthday present! It was my first attempt and am quite pleased! But sorry, no pictures yet....not until she gets it! But I can show you some earrings I made ages ago for Rebecca! The felted balls are quite nice as they are really light and don't weigh down your ears! So no slitty holes.. (why does that sound obscene?) for Reb...oh no! Just got to find the right photo.....they are all pretty crap as I was running out of light fast and had to hunt around in my bro's garden to find some! Chao!


reb said...

Yes they sure are beautiful and I can vouch for the "no slitty ears" here! Thank-you lovely Louise.

simone said...

Woohoo!! Your back!! Belated b'day present? Goodie.. can't wait.