Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sunny days sitting on my balcony!

The birds are singing, my neighbour's chimes are chiming, the sun is shining. I'm sitting here on my balcony sipping fizzy water watching the world go by, and impatiently waiting for my lettuce to grow.....I keep eating them and they are very bald!! Life is good! I love staying at home on the weekends! I met Simone for a juice yesterday and gave her a very, very belated birthday now I can show you! It was my first attempt at felting anything larger than a bead! A good learning experience! I left the hem for Simone to do.......I cant cut straight lines!

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reb said...

Love it Louise!!! Gorgeous. Did you get my card yet? I love your little balcony too- is that why you swapped flats? Wise move...a girl's gotta have her pot plants!
Lots of love