Thursday, September 20, 2007


Look what I found in the mail on Monday!! I'm a terror when it comes to checking the mail box.... Reb I reckon it must have been sitting there a couple of days! I Luurrrve snail mail, especially when it's as beautiful as this!

In fact Reb, I love the whole package! Are you going to sell cards like this on Esty? I hope so!

On the weekend I started sorting out all of my knitting patterns....lots were missing and very I was thinking of making like a knitting scrap book. I think I'd make it with scrap paper (nice pieces) onto which I can stick interesting pics and wonderful cards I'll also include some plastic pockets for the patterns.....annnd I could bind it with......don't know...string maybe. Simone bought some hand made books at the markets with check them out for binding ideas.

Have been trying to work out pay pal.....a bit more complicated than I thought! I was going to splash out on a few new knitting patterns, but due to the whole system taking longer than I planned I bought India supermarket products instead......ghee, mung beans, banana chips...yummy.

It is nice to have a balcony Rebecca, but I think I'm going to have to bring in my poor bamboo, a strong dry wind is raging and its looking a little worse for wear!


reb said...

Oh that's nice Louise- I'm glad you like it. Love your idea for the knitting scapbook/journal thing!I did check out Simone's lovely finds too.
I'm into old books as teh basis for art pieces at the moment- you could find an old hardcover book and rip out some pages to make space for your stuff in it, or just rip all of it's guts out and start again...I do stuggle with destroying them though..

simone said...

no way i am hemming the tea cossie.... looks so great the way it is.. who wants it all perfect and straight?!!!