Saturday, June 30, 2007

sick and bored

Hi, I'm sick and bored, and having to spend the whole weekend in bed!

It's driving me crazy! I don't even feel like making anything. I spend most of my days wishing that I could spend the whole weekend at home, crafting away to my heart's content, and now that it happens, I'm absolutely drained of any creative feelings! Dare I say that I'm looking forward to work on Monday?!!

At least I still have you, my lovely Internet!

Bec, Thor and Eve came over for morning tea yesterday! I really hadn't seen Bec in ages and it was my first time to meet Eve and Thor! I was so happy to see them!! Bec's mum only lives a couple of blocks away, so I'm hoping to see more of them in the future! I dragged out the old fancy dress photos of us all, Eve loved them!

Simone, I need blogging lessons, I still haven't figured out how to put up a list of links that I like. Hope you are feeling better, and see you this week!

A little language treat:
"Garnet" has its origins in the French word for pomegranate......forgotten then became "gernet" (Middle English) and somewhere along the way it became "garnet". I'm not a full on colour expert, but I have a feeling that the colour of a pomegranate is actually lighter than the colour garnet...What do you think?


1 comment:

reb said...

What terrible illness do you have? Nothing that'll stop you from making more flower brooches I hope. Pomegranate is definitely a more brighter pinky red than garnet ...well, I think.
How lovely that you saw Bec and her little gang- isn't Eve Ruby a star?
Get well soon!