Friday, June 22, 2007

Go on......I know you want to touch......

This yard is absolutely beautiful! It's made from spun silk saris, I bought it at a craft fair a while ago, and wanted to knit a tank on very large needles.....the tank almost looks like it's been knotted rather than knitted!
But, as always, whenever I knit for myself, the item doesn't turn out right. When hung, it stretched so much that it didn't fit on my shoulders, it passed them and dropped straight to the floor!
Fortunately, like most of my failed stuff, it makes a very nice scarf....the neck hole is very useful to pass the the scarf through and thus fasten it around my neck.
I confess, it's not actually this colour, our apartment is a bugger, unless I take photos in front of a certain window at a certain time of day, I have to use flash. This is a problem as our camera is a bugger, I'm sure our flash has been designed for search and rescue at sea, it's so bright it takes the colour out of everything! The real colour is still very, very nice.
Simone, see you soon. Reb, sorry to hear about your grandad, I have some very good memories of him with Josh and his ginger cake.

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