Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More use down your end!

I made this scarf for James, now that he is living down your end of the world Reb. He has actually used it quite a bit! One day he wore it while we sweltered up here! The wool was given to me by James' "mother in law" so it's done the circle. The pattern is in Knitty. I love Knitty! It is a fun thing to knit, watching the waves appear as you go. It took me........a year to do! I started it in Ecuador last year when Marcus was sick in bed and so little. Once he started moving around I had to put it on hold until we had an apartment that we could have a light on in the living room and not have it shine in on the baby!!! Check out my lovely orange woven wrap that I bought in Chile. They were everywhere down there, why didn't I buy more?!

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reb said...

Wow- fabulous work Louise!Did you know Bec has now got her studio up and running at Mt Tambourine? You could go down there for a knitty/crafty visit one day. The orange wrap looks scrumptious- I love the colour even though I can't wear it because it makes me look jaundiced...sigh.