Monday, September 21, 2009

Kitsch cusine

After Michel's dad ( a baker) pointed out how much crap they put in biscuits these days, I decided to make my own for our little emperador. I was really keen to get going on my bikkie batch a week when I found mum's Good Housekeeping's Cake Making (4th edition printed in 1953). It was awarded to her in 1959, she can't remember why. It's well worn, and it has very simple variations on different biscuits and cakes as well as tips. The great thing is that you don't need lots of fancy ingredients (unless you consider dripping as fancy..... a bit exotic these days) basically it's butter (or other fats) flour, and flavours. It does get fancy later, but am not into the big buffy pink things!! It's advertised as having coloured plates!!!

I have been working through the biscuit section, and may move onto basic cakes! We can't get past the "dam pops" (jam drops) though. They are egg free, this is before allergy free cooking, so I can give them to my non eggie friends.....we love them for the jam!!

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reb said...

Spectacular Weezie- I agree whole heartedly with your Father-in-law about modern biscuits (it's the super hideous bad fats and sugars they use). I was really into making them a while ago, but have decided muffins are easier and so haven't done any in awhile. It's just that you need a fair bit of patience to make all the individual biscuits, whereas muffins are just a case of slappin' them in the tin. Have you made anzac bikkies lately? They are easy and very yummy. Great visit with Simone and Liam the other day! He's a honey.