Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, that's it, all the climaxes are over! Christmas has had it's merry day, New Years too. We are back from our holidays. Michel is back to work today! I thought I'd write this quickly, as am too tempted to look at other peoples blogs than write my own. Here are a couple of photos of the millions taken. Will put some more up later. As you can see, Bariloche was breathtakingly beautiful! I did the appropriate Sound of Music songs and dance...... don't you worry sistas!

No, we didn't stay at the top photo! But the photo below was taken from our cabin! The time with Michel's parents went well too (no tension.....a first!). My only regret was not eating more was there, at my finger tips.....why didn't I eat more?!
but I did have some nice white wine..... and the tomatoes were out of this world!!


One pair of Hands said...

What lovely pics. Must get out my atlas to see where that is. Hope you feel refreshed and rarin' to go in 2010. May it be a good one.

reb said...

Wow- looks divine! I'd imagined you may have gone camping on Straddie or something...but this place is muchos more glamorouso!!
Happy New Year lovlies.