Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You can't beat a blog

I haven't blogged in ages. One of the reasons being that I started to face book, but it's not the same. I want to feature my handmade stuff and talk about crafts, face book is too general.

So, on my first entry in a very long time, I can tell you that I have only knitted a scarf (it took me roughly 2 years!) and last week I got sand in my camera, so no photos!!!!!! Despite all of this, I feel like I really want to start blogging again and using the little time I have to DO something.

I can, however put up some blogs that I have found and really like!

I bought a pattern from wee wonderfuls.....will keep you posted.

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reb said...

I know exactly what you mean Louise, I joined facebook under pressure so I could see what a friend was up to overseas, but I have no desire to put my own stuff up there. I love blogland and would live there if I could. Nice to see you back blogging and show us what you've been making!