Monday, March 15, 2010

what to blog?

Whenever I'm absent from bloglandia I always have trouble getting back into it. There is everyone else's blogs to catch up on. Then I just don't know where or how to start again. It's been a while, so I decided to just jump in and do anything. Looking through the photos I have stored up here in my computer, I decided to put up little M's birthday shots. Quite appropriate because that's pretty much where I left off. You will notice two things about the photos. One, there are no actual birthday action shots, we were totally washed out and had to cancel. M didn't mind, he had lots of mini celebrations over the following weeks. Secondly, my overzealous use of polaroiding. But it's so much fun! I must say, the cake tones lent themselves very well to it and almost look like a women's entertaining mag from the 70s

wha t

Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Food

My good friend Simone gave me a subscription to Good Food magazine for my birthday last year. What a great idea for a gift! I had (and will have) the excitement of waiting for the next issue in the mail! Then when I finally open it, I always paw over the pages for quite some time, and finally I get to cook things......then eat them! These are from the Jan Feb issue 2010. The top is the Yogurt Pistachio cake (without the turkish delight cream) made for big M's birthday, the bottom photo is Creamy pesto chicken with roasted tomatoes. Yes, Reb, I'm still veggo, but the two men in my life aren't. Am thinking of doing a kiddy version of the yog. cake for little M's birthday cake too (yes we like it that much!)

Thanks Simone, and keep warm!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The best kind of Friday

Michel's stretching partner.
A little bit of yoga.

And this is the view from our breakfast table this morning! A great way to start Friday. We live in a very small apartment, so our dining table (and yoga studio) is on the balcony. Fortunately the Brisbane climate allows for dining al fresco nearly all year round! I think there are maybe two months in winter that it's too cold (we could probably still eat out then, but are cold weather wusses). Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gato Tomas

Aren't these lovely prints by Gato Tomas? They were being sold at a tiny kiosk in Buenos Aires. I didn't get to purchase any, I really wanted the mozzie/bug one for M (BA was full of mozzies).