Sunday, May 27, 2007

why woolies?

I blame my one does!

Mum's always been a sewer, and before I could walk, I was dragged around fabric shops. One of mum's fabric tests was rubbing her fingers over the fabrics, I guess I followed suit. In fact I think my brother was probably more of a super feeler than I! We used to have to take him round fabric stores everytime he lost his snugsy! We walked from roll to roll while he rubbed the fabric under his nose to test the warmth, texture and smell.....hummm!
I don't sew though, I just knit and fondle felt.

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reb said...

Hello Ms Woolie,
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and yay to you for setting your own up too! Simone said you'd been felting so where are the piccies??? Can't wait to see what you've been doing.
Good luck with the house hunting, I'll be checking your blog!